The pregnant story


It has been about 2 months since I knew I am pregnant. My husband and I was super happy when we realised I am pregnant. :).. My mom was the happiest of all as she’s so excited to have a grandchild hihi. These past 2 months been amazing. My tummy has been showing slightly – the baby bump :). Such an incredible experience! Thankfully my morning sickness is not that bad. Just occasional nausea here and there. Cant be on laptop too long or else feel sick, cant smell strong perfume; I have stopped wearing strong ones and even my husband too. My sweet husband stopped smoking the instant he knew I am pregnant :). The happiest moment! well second happiest :)..


Initially I seem to be glowing during the honeymoon period. Then this pimples just started appearing :(.. Blame the hormones..Thankfully, I changed my skincare routine and just about to enter my second trimester, my skin started to behave again :).


My appetite initially was enormous..and changed too..I have been craving just white rice with chicken or fish dishes. I actually forgotten that I have to eat healthy food only during my pregnancy lol. So after hearing advices, then I forgo my snacks and instead snacked on fruits or bread. Now I tend to cook my own meals as meals outside sometimes cause me food poisoning.


Earlier in my pregnancy I actually had 2 episodes of bleeding. Spotting to be exact. Not really the fresh blood, just brownish staining with some tummy cramps. Really got me worried. Hence my off work for 2 months. After being resting in bed completely, the bleeding stopped. 


My energy level was so low during the early period of pregnancy. Even climbing down the stairs will cause me breathless. Sometimes dizzy too. However now just about to enter my 2nd trimester, my energy level seems to climb back up which is awesome! 🙂


The first time seeing my baby on the scan machine with the hands and feet; all actively moving just touched my heart. :). Now I cant wait for the baby to get bigger and bigger and just feels awesome enjoying my pregnancyhood. 🙂