“Who I am and Why I’m Here”


Hi..I am Nura from Malaysia, currently living in Cardiff, UK, pursuing my Masters degree in Cardiff University πŸ™‚

Living here with my husband and little family, enjoying being a mother, also a postgraduate student.

I have always been interested in blogging ; being an avid blog-reader myself, just because I found it interesting.

Blogging is better than private journal because in future, if I look back 5-10 years later, I can see my progress in future and how I have changed for the better. and maybe, my baby could also look back and read what mommy’s ideas and feelings when she was pregnant ;).

For this blog, I will write about my personal life mostly, things that I enjoy; cooking, fashion, travel (although now it is on halt due to current circumstances πŸ™‚ )

I would love to connect with people all around the world, especially those sharing the same interests.

If I blog successfully throughout 2014, I would hope to continue blogging and hope my blog could be as popular as Β some of the ones I am currently being loyal reader to. πŸ™‚