Happy valentines day!


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Happy valentines day!:) my husband surprised me with balloons and my favourite famous amos cookies instead of chocolates as I hate chocolates. It was really sweet, i had no idea. 🙂 Such a sweet husband..Thought we were going out for lunch then when I opened the car door there were the balloons and cookies.:D. Awesome husband and the surprise was a success!

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Prawn capellini

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Baked tilapia with salad and potato wedges

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For dinner we decided to go to marche, a Switzerland themed restaurant based on Swiss markets, it was one of my favourite places to eat. I especially love the mashed potato 🙂 it is quite chunky and they only use fresh and original ingredients which is healthy.

However it was closed early so we had dinner at a place called The Apartment which is designed like the insides of an apartment. It was decorated with love balloons and all romantic for valentines for tonight :). Sadly the prawn capellini was too oily and I felt dizzy after first bite (probably due to my pregnancy). So instead I ate baked fish for dinner which was delicious, topped with cheese and with its fresh salad side, I totally wiped it clean.;) definitely will be more tasty if they have put some dressing on the salad though.