Husband and I decided to have brunch a this new and hip place called plan B. We were really excited as we never been to the new shopping complex as well, Publika which is based on everything creative and has art gallery itself. Nevertheless we got lost initially then found the place.

The place was beautiful indeed however we were late (breakfast served till 6m) and was not able to sample its breakfast menu..:( **tsk

Instead we had lunch and just had a leisurely time enjoying the shopping complex :).

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Our lunch: spaghettini carbonara, lamb briyani


#ootw: top : mirror, legging : nichi, shoes: newlook, bag: annasui tokyo


Wedding diaries


Some of the pictures during my wedding day. It was 3 whole days which were the engagement day, solemnisation and the wedding ceremony itself. Such a busy and joyous occasion plus my whole family came from all over just to help and be with us to celebrate my wedding day. I could not thank you enough especially my mother who sacrificed a whole lot especially in making sure this event goes perfectly and beautifully. Thank you MOM 🙂

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Honeymoon in maldives


We finally got married and went for honeymoon in the gorgeous Maldives :). It was one of the most beautiful islands I’ve been to :)..

We saw lots of wild dolphins, swam with enormous Manta Rays (cousins with stingrays but harmless and huge like 10 feet wide), spent most of our time snorkeling everyday and enjoying gorgeous reefs in different island. It was sunny everyday and the sea view is just awesome. Really enjoyed my time there 🙂 I’m all tanned now hihi

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20121130-090205 PM.jpg

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Family dinner


My uncle came yesterday and so we went for a family dinner at a no-frills chinese steamboat restaurant where one can have a dinner at only RM 24.90(USD 6). It was surprisingly delicious plus healthy too 🙂 We had a great time there.

20120925-043632 AM.jpg

It was at sunway mentari, subang at the same row with Mcdonalds. Although the best part was my uncle’s going to Hawaii for holiday next week! So fun! 😉