Honeymoon in maldives


We finally got married and went for honeymoon in the gorgeous Maldives :). It was one of the most beautiful islands I’ve been to :)..

We saw lots of wild dolphins, swam with enormous Manta Rays (cousins with stingrays but harmless and huge like 10 feet wide), spent most of our time snorkeling everyday and enjoying gorgeous reefs in different island. It was sunny everyday and the sea view is just awesome. Really enjoyed my time there 🙂 I’m all tanned now hihi

20121130-085751 PM.jpg

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Singapore trip


I just came back from a short trip with my mom to Singapore. It was just to buy materials for my wedding ;).. Wasnt cheap! But some of the gorgeous material not available here hence we had to go and buy them there :)..

Some photos of my trip..

20120905-015152 PM.jpg

20120905-015404 PM.jpg

We spent most of our time in Arab Street. There was this one super delicious swedish restaurant that we kept eating there everyday hehe! Fika cafe! Yummy yummy! And the place keep getting full reservation that it became necessary to call beforehand to reserve a place indoor, otherwise only outdoor seat option is available.

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Gorgeous island – Sabah



As my boyfriend just got back from one of the most beautiful island in Malaysia for his brother’s wedding, thought I would share some of the gorgeous photos 🙂

Moreover the cheap seafood and vast spread of seafood available attract a lot of tourist here. Sabah is also popular with its own pearls which can be acquired cheaply compared to other places.

Here are some strange delicacies available there.



Crocodile meat has a lot of health benefits and we were told that it can cure asthma while seahorse can cure impotence, kidney ailments and circulatory problems. Apparently seahorse farming is such a profiting industry due to high demand especially from China. Continue reading