Property fever


Im having property fever right now!

Looking for a place to stay or invest, havent decided yet

So we went to look at all properties and showrooms available

heh, love the experience! and the lovely deco done by ID 🙂

At least I’ll get some ideas to decorate my future house yay! 🙂

After been looking around, I realised:

1. Property prices are so damn expensive!!

2. Some of them come in bare units so need to add few extra thousands to add in kitchen cabinets and stuff 😦

3. Really need to properly look around and especially at the site because these sales person can really sugarcoat everything but when you arrive at the site and exact location -_-“

4. This DIBS thing (developer bearing interest scheme), some of them needs you to pay upfront then claim from them later (some requires up till 9 months then only able to claim! whatt?!!), some happily absorbs it yay! Continue reading


WTF review



I snapped this book at a local bookstore and cant believe how interesting it was!

Its currently the bestseller in MPH 🙂

The writing was very easy and simple to understand especially to a newbie like me in property investment

I finished it in 2 days! *I have ADD hence 2 days ;P*

Now Im so pumped up to start and buying properties yay! Continue reading