Happy 6 months old Aryssa!

 Aryssa Day 3 of life

Aryssa 3 days old


Aryssa trying solids for the first time


Aryssa 6 months old


Aryssa with pink tulips from Holland

Happy birthday Aryssa! She just turned 6 months old and that means, ready for weaning! 🙂

How exciting! We secretly have tried twice before this but she wasn’t ready at that time. We gave her mango puree the first time then apple puree last week the second time. Now after hours of google research on weaning, only we have some idea of how to introduce solids in her diet. Currently we just started her on baby rice mixed with breastmilk and she loves it! She’s also excited and I guess the familiar taste of breastmilk makes it easier to tolerate. Today is the second day we gave the baby rice and I’m getting the hang of preparing it. yesterday was too runny hence the baby rice tends to get everywhere BUT the mouth haha.

Ive already bought the Annabel Karmel recipe book for weaning and it should arrive sometime next week. This week we’ ll probably stick with baby rice then maybe next week can continue on to pureed veggies or fruits. Tomorrow we’re going to shop for the baby blender and steamer and the freeze pots as well.

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