Dinner with satay


20120907-074350 PM.jpg

20120907-074414 PM.jpg

Had chicken satay and nasi lemak for dinner ;). Chicken satay is small slices of chicken being threaded along a bamboo skewer then barbequed. They’re really delicious and cheap :D. (RM7 or USD2 for 10 sticks).
I had mine at Warong Nasi Lemak Opah in Subang Jaya Taipan which is very near to my house 🙂

Also had their trademark nasi lemak. Nasi lemak is a malaysian traditional food which is a coconut milk rice served with spicy gravy (sambal) wrapped in banana leaves. They were a bit too spicy today for my liking ;(. So I ate the rice with fried chicken and anchovies. Just RM1 for one triangle (USD 0.30 cents lol). They are small in size so one would eat about 2-3 package at one time.

Nevertheless I saved money for dinner and full by the time we ate it all :).


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