Singapore trip


I just came back from a short trip with my mom to Singapore. It was just to buy materials for my wedding ;).. Wasnt cheap! But some of the gorgeous material not available here hence we had to go and buy them there :)..

Some photos of my trip..

20120905-015152 PM.jpg

20120905-015404 PM.jpg

We spent most of our time in Arab Street. There was this one super delicious swedish restaurant that we kept eating there everyday hehe! Fika cafe! Yummy yummy! And the place keep getting full reservation that it became necessary to call beforehand to reserve a place indoor, otherwise only outdoor seat option is available.

20120905-020133 PM.jpg

20120905-020314 PM.jpg

My mom

20120905-020608 PM.jpg

20120905-020852 PM.jpg

20120905-020927 PM.jpg

20120905-021120 PM.jpg

Swedish meatballs on toast and shrimp with salmon roe baked potato..nyumss!


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