Property fever


Im having property fever right now!

Looking for a place to stay or invest, havent decided yet

So we went to look at all properties and showrooms available

heh, love the experience! and the lovely deco done by ID πŸ™‚

At least I’ll get some ideas to decorate my future house yay! πŸ™‚

After been looking around, I realised:

1. Property prices are so damn expensive!!

2. Some of them come in bare units so need to add few extra thousands to add in kitchen cabinets and stuff 😦

3. Really need to properly look around and especially at the site because these sales person can really sugarcoat everything but when you arrive at the site and exact location -_-“

4. This DIBS thing (developer bearing interest scheme), some of them needs you to pay upfront then claim from them later (some requires up till 9 months then only able to claim! whatt?!!), some happily absorbs it yay!

5. Even though LRT is nearby, need to properly make sure the area is safe to walk around especially at night

6. Even if it is cheap, they are located too far!! petrol usage just rises especially when going uphill everyday , not sure if its worth it 😦

7. Since it will just be the two of us, don’t really think we need all these extra bedrooms right..It’ll be a bit scary to be alone in a big empty house

8. I love house with swimming pool and sauna! hehe

9. How cool to have a private lift yeah? πŸ˜‰

10. Make sure of the traffic jam in the place you are going to stay! They might just get really super bad in the evening..

Currently I’m in love with this one place with all facilities and security provided <33

Really love it! πŸ™‚

Very very close to my fav mall! πŸ˜€

With all these crimes going on, security level really needs to be excellent right!

Need to have a proper discussion first then maybe we’ll take a unit facing the green forest! πŸ˜€

Love the cool air and green on the eyes yay!

Aaah…:) cant wait to stay there πŸ™‚

Definitely buying it for own stay though hehe

What do you guys look for when searching for a property?

Any tips when buying one? Please share so we can Β all benefit from it thankss! :)) (I’d definitely will!)


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