Some random facts about me


This is a personal blog for me to jot down my life experiences,  travel journal and food blog. I have a great passion for travel and absolutely love learning about new cultures or trying new exotic food. I am also a foodie. One special thing about me is I am constantly looking for travel on the cheap and I love looking for bargains during travel. My holiday trips always are on cheap and budget side and I would love to share these tips with you! Most of the opportunities for travel came during my university years in Leeds, UK.

I was born and raised in Malaysia then spent five years in the UK studying medicine at University of Leeds, UK. Then I returned back to my home country up till now. Currently I am doing my residency in Malaysia and looking forward to pursuing with Masters degree in Dermatology in the UK. I also hope to be able to travel to new unexplored countries and would love to backpack around Europe, Asia and USA whenever I have the chance to; especially after saving some money too! 🙂

Few random facts about me.

I am a doctor

I love to travel, would love even more if I get a job which pays me to travel!

Some of the countries I have traveled to: Austria, Switzerland, France,  Amsterdam, Ireland, UK, Singapore, Thailand, China, Japan, Maldives

I love pink

I can speak Japanese a bit, learnt it for 5 years at school

I wish I could speak Chinese

I just love being on the internet, well who doesn’t? ;P

I love movies and ice cream, combined both they are awesome!

I’m secretly learning my passion to write.

Some of my favourite posts.

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If you would like to contact me, feel free to mail me at

nurnazman yahoo com